Friday, May 18, 2012


MARCH 2012

When I checked into my guest house on Apo Island, I saw a small gift behind the reception desk.  After saying hello, I asked who was celebrating their birthday.  I was told the gift was for a wedding the following day.  My excited, "CONGRATULATIONS!" was followed by an invitation for Catherine, the girl I was traveling with, and I to join.  The wedding was held on Selino Island, about a 2 hour slow (and wet) boat ride from Apo.  Once there, we became honored guests.  I soon started a dance party, and when taking a break, I sat down at a table to start a conversation with two men.  As luck would have it, these guys turned out to be the mayor and congressmen of Dapitan, Mindanao.  Next thing I knew we were being invited to fly in their private helicopter to their exclusive resort Dakak!  We spent the remainder of our day exploring the resort and enjoying a free jet-ski ride before being helicoptered back to the small and beautiful island of Apo... just in time to see the sun set over the water!

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